Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my dent come back once it is repaired?

No, Once the dent is repaired it is permanent. The only way a dent will reappear would be if something else dents the area again.

Q. I’ve been told dent on body lines cannot be fixed using PDR?

This is not the case, we regularly fix body line damage on a day to day basis will great success.

Q. How long does the process take?

The majority of dents can be repaired within the hour, larger more complex dents will take longer but we will be able to give you a approximate idea of time once we have inspected the damage to your vehicle.

Q. Will PDR damage my vehicles paint?

PDR has been developed over years and is designed not to harm the factory finish of your vehicle is carried out by a trained professional.

Q. Can all dents be removed?

Advances in tools and process have allowed for technicians to be able to repair bigger and more complex dents than before, unfortunately there are some dents that cannot be repaired.

There are many factors which affect this including location size and depth of the dent, so it best to send us a picture or get in contact so we can take a look.

Q. I have a lease car that is being returned soon, but it has dents on and i don’t want to pay the penalty charges, Can you help?

Of course, we regularly provide this service to many customers.

Q. Should i consider using PDR before selling my car?

Definitely, it increases the condition of your car and in so doing the value. Think of it this way, why does every car dealership have this done before selling there cars if it doesn’t add value.

Q. Do you offer discounts if i have more than one car with dents on?

Yes we do, please contact us for a quote.

Q. Do you repair hail damage?

Yes, We have years of experience in repair hail damage in the UK and around the world for both insurance companies and private individuals. More info >

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