Hail Damage Repair

Hail storm are a frequent occurrence around the UK, Europe and all over the world, in some cases aspects of the weather combine to produce much larger than average hail stones some measuring up to 6 inches in diameter. These will damage anything they come in contact with Including your vehicle. These storms can leave anything from 10 to over 2000 dents in you pride and joy.

This storm damage thousands of cars in the east midlands from nuneaton through Leicester to as far a melton mowbray. We were part of a team of technicians that repaired over 3000 cars which included brand new unsold units which were inspected by representatives from the manufacture.

Dent Vanish were called in to help with the repair of hail damaged vehicles in the city of Durham. This video shows and example of the damage we were repairing and the severity of the damage the hail caused. The Video shows a before and after repair carried out on a Toyota RAV-4 at a local bodyshop.

In the unlucky event you are subject to a hail storm server enough to damage your vehicle we are on hand to help rectify the damage and put your vehicle back to its pre damage state in a fraction of the time compare to a traditional bodyshop repair. In fact this is the preferred method of repair around the world by leading insurance companies.

We have extensive experience repairing hail damaged vehicles and also managing hail catastrophe sites with 1000’s of damaged cars. We have travelled the world helping repair vehicles in many different location and countries from the America to Australia.