What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Dents and dings can be caused by an infinite number of things, but the process for repairing these areas stay the same. Specially fabricated tools are used to access the dent from behind to massage the panel back to its original form in such a way as not to damage the original paint finish.

This technique is not the only method, In some cases where access is not possible with a tool e.g the cant rail or roof rails, a glue system can be used. Specialised glue pulling system is used to ‘pull’ the dent up. This method is also a highly skilled process. These methods have been refine over many years and are designed not to harm your vehicle in any way if done by a trained professional.

What are the Benefits of PDR?

PDR is the best form of repair and should be the first choice when choosing dent repair for your vehicle. You don’t loose your car for days at a time to the bodyshop and the cost is usually a fraction of what they would charge, more importantly you keep your original factory paint.

If PDR is carried out by a certified and highly skilled technician such as Dent Vanish the results can be incredible, the repair will be seemingly invisible with a lifetime guarantee. There are only a handful of companies that are willing to tackle the large and complex dents and even fewer that can delivery it to the highest standard of the customer.